XP Mode and Virtual PC on Windows 7

Here is the procedure for installing Windows XP Mode on Windows 7. This allows you to run XP productivity applications compatible. For this, it will need to download Windows XP Mode and a virtualization solution such as Windows Virtual PC.


Windows XP Mode is not present during installation of Windows 7 then it is nevertheless a key feature that differentiates the Home Edition of the Pro version, or Ultimate.

You need to download two additional modules that you find on microsoft page.

Finally, note that if you do not download Virtual PC, you can if you want to direct you to VirtualBox .

Download Windows XP Mode and Virtual PC
Download Windows XP Mode and Virtual PC for Windows 7 – Click on image to enlarge

Now you need to select your version of Windows 7 (Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate, 32 or 64) and the language. Then download the two modules, then install them in the order listed.

After installing the second module, a system restart is required.

Once finished, you now have the folder “Windows Virtual PC” and sub-folders Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode in Programs (formerly Program Files in XP).

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