Three Reasons That Make Windows Vps Hosting Appealing to Software Developers

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Three Reasons That Make Windows Vps Hosting Appealing to Software Developers

Windows VPS Hosting plans offer an ideal solution for webmasters whose inclination is to achieve the best in cost, convenience and control of installed applications. These power-hungry users have been switching to a VPS-type of hosting for these very reasons. It can also be noted that having a virtual private server is also cheaper than the cost of having a dedicated server aside from enjoying easygoing conveniences, such as having complete access to their Plesk control panel and the use of power-packed tools. This article will attempt to discuss why webmasters opt for Windows VPS Hosting accounts.

Webmasters Find Cost of Windows VPS Hosting Plans Affordable

The cost requirement for virtual servers is less expensive than that of dedicated servers yet the former can perform the same benefits as the latter. Instead of purchasing a physical system to run their applications, software developers realize considerable savings by choosing to have a VPS account. Since Windows VPS Hosting plans are designed to tap existing computer resources, it is possible for webmasters to make customization.

The Convenience Factor Of Running Windows VPS Hosting Plans

With guaranteed resources and burstable RAM, software developers can separate tasks into simpler assignments. For instance, you can separate images and text contents. With this type of account, hosting resource management is maximized compared to the setup of a shared account. Even if you find yourself reaching the limit of your guaranteed resources, the burstable RAM can compensate for any extra space.

Useful Applications To Enjoy By Webmasters With Windows VPS

Preferred programs can be configured and installed. Many software developers utilize a number of programs to complete their daily tasks. It also gives the opportunity to have unlimited combinations of applications. For instance the application ASP.NET which is a web application framework can be installed and help webmasters and developers in their web related tasks. The same hosting account can also accommodate seamlessly world’s second most popular web server, Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS). Cold Fusion can likewise be installed which is useful for webmasters who are into development of dynamic and database driven websites.

In addition, users can configure and install free and open source applications in lieu of expensive proprietary applications. Kexi, an integrated management application can be a good alternative for spreadsheet and database management. Open Workbench is a project management software that allows users to schedule important projects for increased productivity. OpenLaszlo is a good tool for developing internet based applications. With a VPS account, webmasters can install all these applications and similar softwares without spending much.

Applied Innovations ( is one of the leading Windows VPS Hosting providers for software developers. We offer web hosting solutions to help your business succeed. With the option to install the programs you feel most comfortable using, a Windows VPS Hosting plan may be all that you need to get over any business hump. Even if you find yourself stuck with a technical problem, our support team will gladly be of assistance to you. Check out our website to learn why more software developers are choosing Windows VPS Hosting over shared hosting.

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