Never Ending Story, Did You Forgot Your Windows Password?

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Never Ending Story, Did You Forgot Your Windows Password?

Life is complicated

I have been dealing with passwords each day at home, at work, in my BlackBerry. I have been using so many service online that has become impossible to keep track of all passwords. I am currently using more than 20 web sites that require authentication. Apart from that I also keep personal and sensitive data on my PC and I need to protect my operating system with a password and also enable other user account since from lately we share one PC with my husband.

My pc security awareness is on that level that I always use several different passwords and sometimes I am forced by this systems to create a password according to its rules. This followed by the complicated everyday tasks that we perform without any doubt will create a mess in

any ones reasoning process trying to remember the password that he/she created.

Forgot my Windows password

After being on a business trip on-site for several weeks and not using my home computer I got back and I have tried to log in to my Windows. Guess what? My password was constantly denied as incorrect. First I was suspicious that someone has really messed up my computer, but apparently this was not the case as my husbands account was functional.

The solution was a magic software called Password Resetter

I thought that by having a nice and long sleep I will remember my password but I was wrong. As I got nervous I started to panic and I have tried to search for a solution since at the end I really kept sensitive data that was not backed up. I googled password recovery software and found the Password Resetter software. I was offered immediate access to it, I downloaded it and problem was gone in 2 minutes. Only thing I needed is an empty CD that I did not had but the program offered me with the possibility to create a bootable USB. I was surprised that I have used my own USB stick to solve a very serious problem and get back access to my data again. The procedure was very simple as the manual offered was really coherent. I would strongly recommend if you have similar problems that you visit and get this magic software.

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