How to create an account on Steam, the digital platform of popular games

Steam, as some know, is the digital platform of choice for those gamers who enjoy playing games on their computer, for being one of the most “complete” as it is also a platformthat offers thousands of video games for direct download with which you can play on your computer without having to wait for the game arrives in physical form to your home.

If you purchased a computer recently and want to enjoy all it offers Steam, because then this tutorial will come in handy as we will explain in a simple and quick that is what you must do to create a Steam account.

How to create an account with Steam:

  1. The first steps to take is to join Steam, for it you must click on the following link  ( )
  2. The second step is to sign, option shown at the top right of the website.
  3. We enter a new screen where we can click on Join Steam option that is green and has white letters.
  4. It will display a registration form which must be filled as follows:
    • Create a username on Steam: Enter a user name that will be easy to remember
    • Choose a password: Put a password with at least 8 characters
    • Resets the password
    • Current email address: Enter a real email since then need to confirm the account registration Steam
    • Re-enter email address
    • Choose a secret question
    • Answer
    • Enter the Captcha that appears in the image
    • Accept the agreement.
  5. Finally you will have to click on “Create My Account” to complete the registration respectively.

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