How to create a Paypal account

Paypal is one of the most popular servicesin regard to exchange of virtual money on the Internet, as well as the purchase of products on the web pun.

If you want to purchase products and services on sites like eBay, eBay and others, have Paypal as it is essential, as there is no other service such as Paypal to do this, since it provides security, accreditation of money in the act I instantly monetary exchanges respectively.

Tools required for registration:

  • You must have an email address, since the end of the day you confirm your email account to use Paypal.
  • Having a credit card, otherwise you will not use the account for online payments or purchases.

How to create a Paypal account:

  1. The first step is to enter Paypal by clicking the following enalce: ( )
  2. Once inside you must click on Register, an option that is located on the side of the screen and an orange.
  3. This opens a new screen where you have to choose the countdown time.
  4. Now please complete the registration form as follows:
    • Email: Enter your email account
    • Enter a password
    • Re-enter the password
    • Enter your name
    • Enter your last name
    • Put your date of birth
    • Choose your nationality
    • Put your postcode
    • Enter your e
    • Then your municipality
    • Your city
    • Choose a province
    • Put a phone number
  5. And finally you must click OK and open mind, you’re done with this recording Paypal.

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