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To begin with, what exactly is the “Page Rank”?
PageRank is a technology of the famous search engine Google . It measures the popularity of a website, or more precisely, one of its page. PageRank is usually found in the form of a score of 0 to 10.

What is it?
Google uses PR (among other indices) classification algorithm results in its search engine. This allows, in theory, increase the relevance of pages found.
In theory, because it is mainly based on the number of links pointants (BackLinks) to a web page, and the sum of their respective PR. These links are then “votes” to promote it as relevant to the topic searched.

To summarize, you will have more quality links to your site, the higher your PageRank, the higher your chances of appearing in a good position in the search engine Google will be increased.
How to know the PageRank of my site?
For the PageRank of your site you must normally use the tool provided by Google, which is other than the Google Toolbar . This will give you the PageRank addresses on which you’ll find at As you browse.

However, it is now possible to know your PageRank through tools from top of the page.

How to improve my PageRank?
Some sites dedicated to SEO to help you improve your knowledge and results. However, do not focus on this index does not in itself summarizes the ranking of your site.

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