Follow in real time with Santa Claus Santa Tracker for Google

Few days of Christmas , Google offers users the “Santa Tracker” which allows to follow the path and see the place where Santa Claus will be handing out gifts. In addition, the Internet giant will be informing users where every moment is Santa Claus.

follows with santa santa traker

They may also continue its location via Google Earth, which displayed different images, the Google+ profile and a Chrome extension, which will be shared on popular social networks like Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Now the “Santa Tracker” is counting down while Father Christmas prepares to travel the world delivering many gifts. And lest you get bored waiting for the big day, the site allows you to communicate with him via chat and know how to reach the presents to the houses.

But that’s not all, the site includes games to have fun awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. In these games you have to lead Santa’s sleigh to collect as many gifts for the big day, we also have to help the elves to leave gifts in the chimneys of houses or being one of them on board a motorcycle and catch all possible gifts.

traker santa games for Christmas

No doubt that this is a good way to salvage the holiday spirit. So we encourage you to visit the website of “Santa Tracker” and a little fun. And if you want to talk to Santa Claus give clik here

hope you like and I take note to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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