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China United Telecommunications Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1994, the total value more. “Unicom Services NICAM voice” value added in China Unicom inherent integration of voice, data and resources in customer service and other social resources to clients combined virtual entertainment, interactive platform of communication to meet customers anytime anywhere access using a variety of communications services unified enterprise.

needs analysis

Currently, Fujian, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Hebei and Hainan, the construction of environmentally friendly products made from cattle, new interactive software platforms Unicom NICAM platform. Existing “Unicom NICAM” value needs Business Voice IVR platform MS, not MS, the user companies to achieve full and effective management and control. To achieve CP / SP and flexible organization and maintenance of the effective authority of the CP / SP integrated user management to meet the needs of their business to provide personalized services and diversified China Unicom NICAM necessity of constructing the platform data network to carry out the storage of CP / SP to provide enterprise content.

functional system requirements

Blue Bull (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Blue Bull Software), is the platform for value-added telecommunications platform and call center software solutions and professional services provider, attached to the integration of research on network technologies and product development. The Blue Bull software technology to solve the unified voice value-added services in the bottleneck of China Unicom expansion.

system architecture diagram

1. Management of unified access

Establish a unified data access NICAM platform solves two problems: one is to reduce the SP (Service Provider) the access threshold, on the other hand, it contributes to strengthen the management of SP, SP to prevent the user oriented services, processes or services irregularities.

Management SP 2. Unified


data network can NICAM Unicom SP platform unified management, including access to the SP, SP management rights business audit SP SP SP and management review such complaints . single platform for data management MS, operational data management, services, resource management and statistical analysis of management functions.

3. Unified network management

of unified network management, providing performance, fault, configuration, management tools, security, keep abreast of the conditions of the operating system and remote maintenance and configuration related systems .

4. Unified billing and management

Platform provides a unified billing and implementation of business system support system SP. With access point “, the load throughout the network management billing” for the PS to provide the name of the billing.

5. Business System requirements

Unicom Korea under the platform of solid business to support its own operation and information access users can be categorized information, interactive participation in class, three types business class voice chat.

Using information

use of information services, including custom songs, new personalized entertainment news. The characteristics of these operations is that relatively fixed or services of one of the most obvious laws of access time is usually 5 minutes or less, users generally do not need to access business and Fu Wu Jin Xing provide many side Jiaohu the most number of visits, Fan Wei Ye more wide.

interactive participation in class

interactive participation in class activities include press interviews, voting, interactive games. These operations are characterized by flexible services, users need more frequent participation of users to access short-term, but the needs and service for many interactions, fewer visits.

Voice Chat category

Voice chat services similar to the current version of the popular Internet chat group companies, combining the characteristics of mobile users, users can dial an access code in the chat room to participate in multi-cat You can also assign to the user through the service provider to a specific number of service expired Active Members chat features for users to access this activity longer, people participate in a greater volume of business.

design ideas

Unicom NICAM goal of building the platform of China Unicom and SP is to provide a stable, efficient, manageable, scalable business platform value-added voice, and for the SP to provide broadband access services quality, operational testing, the debugging environment of business analysis services to a variety of practical ways, to ensure that voice services, becoming the SMS, WAP and other cases, the business growth of another Unicom. Therefore, the whole design platform follows the following criteria:

safety and reliability

Global Strategy to ensure the safety and reliability, security and reliability to support a variety of techniques, strict security measures management and reliability needed to ensure the safety and reliability of carrier class standards.

Open, standard external interfaces

Design based on open standards and the SP interface to support the implementation of the SP to increase their own types of programs, to adapt the organization of business, change the business logic operations. If the realization and Unicom NICAM CP / SP data interface.

program implementation

System Framework

Unicom business NICAM system is a realization of value added services to the integration of public users and platform management interface through the relevant business and SMS Gateway, WAP portal, VAG and other elements of the existing network and the SP / CP server related content to achieve various trades and the service pack and packaging, and finally a unified portal to provide users with a personalized service experience.


module system

1. Business layer


business layer is the business platform to interact with the user interface, including Web services, service IVR, SMS, WAP services and labor services. Users to customize their business layer to accept a variety of information and services. And a layer of user support needs of the export entry and display information, including the following main functions:

1) Services: Website web page to provide users with a customized experience and services

2) IVR services: to provide users with a gateway to China Unicom NICAM orientation and IVR services own business

3) WAP services: to provide users with their own business, visit the Horizon Interactive personalized services

4) SMS: To provide users Unicom in the letter of its own SMS gateway to guide and interactive information customization features information

5) secretarial services artificial use of manual office secretary custom artificial provide information and referral services.

2. Layer operations support

OSS layer is the center of their own administrative systems to complement a variety of management functions of the system, the main functional modules include:

1) The unified portal module: integration of different SP / CP Company, the grouping of users China Unicom mobile phone, SMS and WAP, IVR services portal

2) business management Module: provides the interface through the interface or, upon approval, the required format and time SP / CP content downloaded from the platform

3) user and order management modules: the phone numbers of users, passwords and other personalized, open, use the company

4) Partner Management Module: The qualification of partners, account permissions to use the resources to set up and management

5) operation and maintenance and statistical analysis modules: operation and maintenance personnel operating system monitoring and maintenance, user behavior and information on using content to statistical purposes and analysis

6) Core Database: store all user data and user surveys and customer service for the content of the information.

3. Tidings interactive

signaling function

gateway control signal reporting the completion of the seventh, and can be converted to other signaling signals, 7. Hide the complexity of the 7th Communication Network signaling processes of the system, the device business background provides a simple interface signaling.


voice gateways to provide voice processing and call management with road signage platform runtime environment homogeneous than to provide functionality to perform business entity operating service execution environment unified control, comprehensive interactive voice media operations.

Chat / conference

Meeting provided a gateway for voice conference planning and resource planning logic resources functions of the external interface. calendar of meetings of resources by voice features, voice users to complete the ultimate control of the meeting.


platform integrates third TTS / ASR software platform to achieve a text to speech function and voice recognition capabilities.

SMS Function

SMS Gateway platform by connecting with SPSMG Unicom, China Unicom users can send SMS to support custom application or voice services.

WAP features

Platform via the WAP gateway and Unicom WAP portal, enabling users to customize the way via WAP or voice services on request.

4. Unicom operator for the

China Unicom is mainly to support operations management functions. platform management operations includes the following features.

1) Management SP

SP domain management services, rights management SP, SP data management, management of operational data SP, SP services, resource management and statistical analysis reports SP.

2) User Management

platform can realize the increase in black and white list of users, edit and delete on the use of custom class user voice services to implement the database user and credibility management clients.

3) An examination of the business, testing and release

companies to use the service creation environment for production operations, and make a good case to perform a comprehensive platform for deployment, the process involves the complete transfer of a number of operations , test and change. publishing system used to achieve business development service company to perform a platform to publish complete security on the operating environment.

4) Business Management

Unicom NICAM platform is an open platform, need a comprehensive business management, search, backup, recovery, recovery, statistics released by the company, the business management functions including business surveys, version control, change of business and statistical analysis and so on.

5) Certification

Divided into two parts, one is the content providers and the certification authority business, service-driven user authentication on the access permission.

6) billing management

billing capabilities based on content, to reach his own business on the billing information and payment services on the invoice SP and accounts management interface inquiries on the Web, SP can search and download books business and a detailed list. Platform has a strong accounting functions, regardless of the platform billing company in support of the second prize pool and other functions, and flexible rates to meet a variety of business benefits such as business gifts, corporate and other forms of packaging.

7), network management and fault alarm

management system includes network performance monitoring, configuration management, incident management, topology management and user rights management.

8) The statistical analysis operational data

platform SP performs all kinds of business as a number of commercial data related to the exchange and application of PS, customized to meet their needs for statistical analysis and reporting interface style.

5. For the function of SP

1) SP management portal

SP Portal Management includes: SP applications, new business applications, business change, business and services, download content, the Business version management, review of statistics and query functions.

2) the integrated development environment of business

Young cattle

the SP provides an intuitive graphical environment for business development, the project file to the way the agency business development (including the process file, resource files and components Computer Management). Comes from the development environment hardware platform, integrated debugging environment, and also supports debugging node test and debug line, but also the version of the project management, operations support systems can be combined with the output management services, ensuring the rapid development of business, control, deployment and update.

has 6. User-oriented

portal system end users to self-service management and offers a variety of modes of user access methods, such as Web access, access to short messages, access voice navigation.

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